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Shikhare trust was founded in 1952 by Late TatyaSaheb Shikare for welfare of society. Mr. B.D. Pawar Saheb is very active in social activities in the southern maharashtra. He is intersted in spreading education to the door of the masses. He believed that education can improve the life common and backward classes in rural maharashtra. So he started new junior college in 2014.

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Mr. Babasaheb Pawar


Mr. Umesh Pawar


Principal Desk

I am very glad to introducing about New Junior College Islampur?

Dear friends, it is the matter of extreme pride honour & pleasure for me as a principal. Like its name of our college is in real sense of knowledge.

Where hundreds of students take education in a holy atmosphereof our campus.

Shikhare trust which was established in 1952. It was started or founded by Mr. TatyaSaheb Shikhare.